You know what baffles me is how many people go around talking shit about other people. They think they know what goes on in a persons life and they think it’s a story they feel the need to tell over coffee, or a drink, or many drinks. I remember all the shit that was talked about by the cops in that little cantina in the police station. I wish I did have six head then. So much to remember, so much to tell. The girlfriends were there, the wives were at home.

The way I see it, if you think you know me, you know my life, you know how I feel, you know how I think, how I react and why, then feel free to talk about me. However, you had better have a spotless, and I mean spotless, past history because if you are going to throw shit around that you know nothing about, be prepared for your most intimate stories to be plastered everywhere the same as you have done to me. Also the fact that your stories are bullshit. 


Everybody has secrets, they have lives, they have demons. There is always something you can find out about people that will destroy them, all you have to do is listen. Those people who talk about others actually think that other people haven’t talked about them when they’re not around. People should remember that it’s not only me people talk about.

I have no problem using intimate stories that I have heard about people, things that have been told to me in confidence, or heard about just listening, observing. Here they go talking about. There’s been stories I’ve heard about our mayor, his job at Medicine Hat Insurance, the casino. He was apparently let go from both jobs.

In other words you talkers out there, remember, you confided in me too, or somebody who knows you did confide in me about you. And just as many people that are talking about me are also talking about other people as well. I understand that I’m interesting, different, and amusing but please stop, you’re embarrassing me. I feel like a superstar. However, please know that I am not the only person they talk about. They are not only amazed by what I’ve done cause there are some juicier stories about others that they also talk about.

So go ahead, keep me in the spotlight. I hope you are all talking about my turn around from 4 years ago, from 1 year ago. I hope you’re talking about the great strides I have made and how I have dug my way out of a big black hole with the help of great, caring, patient, understanding professionals that we have in this town. You people have saved my life, a life I almost lost to the mental and physical abuse I have suffered at the hands of ugly people who are cops and ugly people can’t be good cops cause they are just ugly people. The Medicine Hat Police.

And yes they all are ugly, they’re the ones who do the ugly things and then there are the ugly ones who cover up for the other ugly ones. They are all ugly. And it’s funny how you can speak to the lawyers, Ron Baba, ASIRT, Gary Creassor, MLA offices and they all say the same thing about the cops in this town, they want to do something but they can’t. The government won’t allow anybody to touch those criminals. They have a badge. Well I have one too. It’s a Lone Ranger Badge out of a cereal box a long time ago but it’s still a badge. And it’s more valuable than theirs. It’s a clean badge. Nobody has used it for power control over people, or used it to kill someone and get away with it.

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