I’m thinking what’s the fuss? You are transgender. That’s nice. You’re gay. That’s nice. You’re going to fight for your rights. That’s nice. You want money from the taxpayers, I don’t want nor do I care what for. That’s nice. You choose to have parades, jump around in the streets, holler that you’re gay, or transgender, or whatever. That’s nice. May I say what I think. You can chop my head off later.

No matter how much you holler, jump, beg, fight, or hold up traffic in the streets you will NEVER be able to erase the reality that in the beginning of your life you were male or female, boy or girl, he or she. You can never change that. You can alter it. Get your nuts cut off, get boob jobs, take hormones, you were still either a baby boy or a baby girl. Plus, the only natural way to conceive a child is for a man and a woman to fuck. Period.

Some things you cannot change. Black and white can’t be changed. They can be altered, no other colour in the world can be made without one or the other or both naturally. Light and dark you can only change with a switch. Or by nature sun and moon. If all the power in the world went out, based on the time of day, you would be either in the dark or in the light. You cannot change dark or light without using something, like a lightbulb. When I go outside it’s either night or day, dark or light.

If I see you and you look like a woman, are dressed like a woman, I call you a woman. If you’re dressed like a man and you look like a man, I’ll call you like a man. Other than that, I don’t give a shit. Unless I ask, I don’t want you to tell me. If you don’t want me to judge you, don’t tell me about it. If I like you I will always like you. If I find out, it’s not my business, and if you’re my friend I may ask you about it and you don’t have to tell me. If you’re a good person I will still be your friend. I may never ask, you may offer to tell me but by then we should be friends and we’ll always be friends. I don’t judge people if they change their hair color or get a face lift. I don’t ask about it and I don’t care. If we’re friends, if we’re friends we will always be friends. AND if we are friends, I have probably figured it out already anyway or I’m really stupid.

Why did I write this? Because am I missing something? What the fuck is all the screaming and hollering and jumping in the fucking streets about? Do you know how stupid you look?

There are are people out there that have kept their secret for decades. Nobody cared. They didn’t jump in the streets carrying a flag to tell the world what exactly? What should they have told anybody. People with respect for others and any dignity will do what they do and not bother the world with it. They do what they do. Nobody bothers them. Nobody cares.

Plus I had piss all else to do.

Good night.

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