“You cut me off…

So while out and about today I drove through a department store parking lot. Being as it’s Monday morning the parking lot was near empty so I did not follow the lines and kinda went a little faster than usual. Parking lots is where your parents took you to teach you how to drive cause there was nothing to hit. When I got closer to cars I slowed down and pulled into a stall and got out of my car. All of a sudden a black truck pulls in behind me, rolls down his window and says “you cut me off back there”. Really?

So here we are, I’m parked, in one piece, no dents, no scratches, no blood or skin hanging off a bumper to say I hit someone or something, nothing. I look at his truck, the same, in one piece, no dents, no scratches, nothing. So now he’s stopped behind me to tell me I cut him off. So in my loudest voice I yelled ? Ya so? You got a special card that says you’re allowed to make a scene in a parking lot because somebody drove in front of you or “cut you off” as you put it cause it’s makes it sound worse than what it really is. Drama Prince! He drove away.

A few people around stood and watched, said nothing. I walked past them and into the store.

Now for what possible reason did this asshole stop to tell me I passed him or pulled out in front of him? Was there a reason I needed to know? Did I break a law? Did I break his truck? Why would anybody stop like a big tough crazy beast to tell someone they passed them. Are they mad cause you’re in the lead. I want know Why anyone would waste their time to chase someone down just because they got in front if you without mishap? Are you that shallow and ignorant. More like stupid. Why don’t you grow up and stop being a mamas baby upset cause someone took the first cookie. You are an imbecile.

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