SMOKING. I am a smoker. This what I think. STFU.

After losing 92 pounds in less that 3 months, I had many clothes. I was buying every week. I went from size 3X to M. So I was looking at these clothes the other day, in great shape, like new, some still have tags on, Ralph Lauren dresses, I shopped at Winners, good quality clothes and thought I should consign them out. In this town there is only one store that did this so I called and asked her about it and the answer was “ they can’t be from a smoking household. WOW!

I am told nonsmokers will NOT buy a home that has been smoked in, will NOT buy a car that has been smoked in, this is all just stinky shit, full of chemical fumes getting in their lungs and all. HOWEVER, I start thinking how absolutely bigoted nonsmokers are. Is there a nonsmoker out their who would turn down blood from a smoker to live. Do they even ask? I have not heard of any nonsmoker offered an organ from a smoker who has turned it down to wait for one that belongs to a nonsmoker instead. If there is, please correct me.

I hear how “allergic” most are to smoke. I pity them for not being able to sit around a campfire or even a lit candle and and it’s like “no dummy, it the poisons in the smoke”. So ok, they use chemicals to put out forest fires. I thought we should have lost half our population during the forest fires in Alberta, but no chemical smoke inhalation injuries due to allergies. And they all lived happily ever after.

Amasing. Just gotta have their way. I think the best vengeance for people who constantly bitch about smoking was legalizing weed. LMAO. Thanks Karma. Now maybe the asswipe whiners will move on to something else. They make a bitch bucket list. Kids playing making too much noise, black kid is mowing tha lawn for a summer job, etc., etc., etc.,. You know who you are assholes.

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