1. When this incident happened, I sided with Trudeau. I said yah right, he just walked up there and slammed her for no reason. Since that time, and Justin’s remarks, performance, his buddies and their attitudes, I believe that RUTH ELLEN BROSSEAU was in fact intentionally attacked by Justin Trudeau. It was absolutely intentional, he slammed her in the chest.

I am here to tell Ms. BROSSEAU that I am truly sorry as a woman to have sided with an ungrateful, sexist, ruthless and absolute repulsive man who now has shown himself to be a complete ass. He has shown his true colors.

I took his side because I never believed that a man in his position would ever stoop so low. I WAS WRONG.

I was one of those who voted for him. Please forgive me and I promise you it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

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