I’m angry! I have every right to be absolutely enraged. Chief Andy McGrogan of the Medicine Hat Police Services is a liar and if he wants to call that defamation he can and he should take me to court because I would love to prove it. I have the stuff to prove it. He continues to lie and protect his den of rattlesnakes like they are pure. They are poison, venomous, horrible people who do what the Medicine Hat Police are capable of. They proved it in how they treated Ken, my family, and myself. And the people who involved themselves.

McGrogan, God fearing man is nothing more than a fraud.


He lied and covered up the fact that his cops checked on Ken Wellwood when they DID NOT check on Ken Wellwood like they were asked and called to do so by many and even police in sasktchewan, or they would have seen him at the kitchen table, DEAD.

He lied and covered up the fact that Lisa Page tormented, terrorized, absolutely intentionally verbalized a total and complete lie to intentionally harass me and cause me mental anguish when I was already in shock from four of his officers in my backyard, all with guns drawn pointing at me. And already having a panic and anxiety attack of which I have suffered from all of my life, a patient of Dr. Boodhoo for years, from them not allowing me to go check on my husband who they were supposed to check on 12 hours before but McGrogan lied and only said they did. They took me away from him, they did not allow me to check on him and they refused to check on him and I  BEGGED THEM TO.

He lied about the fact that four officers were in my backyard about 20 ft x 10 ft, a very small yard, all with guns drawn at me. I was sober. He continues to lie about my condition. I was sober and not under the influence of illegal drugs. They tormented me then they arrested me, FOR NO REASON. I was told I was not under arrest at the police station. He continues to lie about this.

At least 8 hours later I was let go, that made 16 hours that Ken lay dead at the kitchen table now, and I went home to find him dead at the kitchen table. He lies about this.

Then in May 2015, they deceived, lied, made promises that they were never going to keep to sign a piece of paper to cover their asses. He lied.

Harold Lindsay Fraser was at this meeting. Then he followed me outside of the police station to come up with a pick up line so lame it’s laughable. I want to hug you so bad but I can’t cause we’re not allowed. oops I may have missed a letter oradced one, that would give him another excuse to toss it out. And McGrogan does not deny Fraser did it, he just throws it out claiming that Fraser was retired in 2003 and when I asked him then why Fraser was with me in a room in 2015, his answer was to reject my email. Busted at his own BS, he had no answer.

There were many times Faser could have told me how bad he wanted to hug me but couldn’t because they weren’t allowed. We were in a room for an hour +/- he could have told me then but he didn’t.

When the other officer left the room to make my audio copy of the meeting, we sat alone in the room for maybe 5 minutes. He could have told me then, but he didn’t.

He could have told me letting me out of the room but he didn’t.

He could have told me walking down the hall to the stairs, but he didn’t.

He could have told me going down the stairs, but he didn’t.

he could have told me in the lobby of the station, but he didn’t.

He followed me outside to isolate me from all the others to tell me that how bad he wanted to hug me but couldn’t cause they’re not allowed. Funny he was worried about being a cop.  HIS FAMILY WAS OF ZERO CONCERN TO HIM AT THAT MOMENT. It was a pick up line, plain and simple. And McGrogan shuts it up by saying I’m too late with my complaint and chalks it up to being just a kind gesture.

This liar has used every statute, section, and act possible to explain it all away and he is a LIAR. A conniving, deceitful, liar.

There is no way in this country that a person, especially with mental illness all of her life, who suffered spousal abuse for 20 years in 2 marriages and I finally find someone who understands, and, in 10 years, not even one call for domestic, not one, and this lying coward is going to use a domestic dispute as a cause of this. He defames a dead man’s character to save his own ass. What kind of a person does this? And then he tries to judge ME for my behaviour. What a coward! Liar. Coward.

He continues to look for ways for me to go away and yes I am afraid for my life. A man who is the chief of police goes to the extent that Andy McGrogan has gone to cover up and to try and make this go away and I should not be afraid for my life?

Andy McGrogan is a bigot, a gutless coward who claims to be a God fearing man. A liar.

The pain I feel is not going away. That man adored me and that’s exactly what he wrote on every card he ever gave me, 10 years worth and I still have every one of them. I always had fresh flowers by my bed. I will not stop. I will never stop. I lost the only thing that has meant anything to me, the only one who understood. He was a good man, a decent man man, and the Medicine Hat Police ARE responsible for his death for ignoring pleas for help. I was labeled as a junkie, a low life, a pile of shit. And their unfounded judgements caused the police to leave a man dead in a house for over 16 hours because of their judgement of me and Ken, labelling him as an abuser. There is not a soul in the world that would call Ken an abuser. He never fought in his life. Except on a hockey rink. He was not garbage and nor am I.

Without justice it becomes personal. Secrets are meant to be found out and shared with everyone. To spread around the world to prove my innocence and to show the world the indiscretions of people like this who judge because they they believe they are untouchable. I will search for those secrets and I will find them and I will humiliate them as they did me and Ken.

Andy McGrogan will never in his life come even close to being a man. Never mind a man as decent and honest as Ken Wellwood. A man who never did or would cheat on his family. Never.

These people have zero dignity. PROTECT AND SERVE. How hard can it be? How long can they ignore pleas for help? How long can they ignore the cries of people begging for their life or the life of a loved one. Until people are dead is how long. We no longer have police on our streets, we have soldiers on our streets.

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