Canadian Police are Terrorists.

I have lived in this country for country called Canada for 60 years and I can honestly say that in that 60 years, the only terrorism I have experienced in this country was in the faces of Andy McGrogan Medicine Hat Police Service, Harold Lindsay Fraser Medicine Hat Police Service, Lisa Page Medicine Hat Police Service.

Home grown terrorists, protected by their government. What I suffered at their hands of these three and the outright lies to protect themselves is astounding. Just because of who I am, how I live my life, who my brother was and what he does not give them the right to treat me the way I was treated.

A man married for 45 + years with a family, Harold Lindsay Fraser, can humiliate you in front of the police station with a pick up line so pathetic while his wife and family sit at home and adore a man who would try have sex with another woman just 9 months after she lost her husband. His way of helping a woman to grieve. This is not his first infidelity and if his wife thinks he’s faithful she’s a loon. How many times has he promised he won’t do it again I wonder? I bet he hasn’t kept that promise. He surely would not have that day if I’d have given him the answer he was looking for and that’s a FACT.

A chief of police, Andy McGrogan, who treats it like it was a natural, very kind gesture probably cause he’s used it for just that himself. A lot.

Profile of the Sociopath

  • Glibness and Superficial Charm.
  • Manipulative and Conning. They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. … 
  • Grandiose Sense of Self. … 
  • Pathological Lying. … 
  • Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt. … 
  • Shallow Emotions. … 
  • Incapacity for Love.
  • Need for Stimulation.

This is the description of Lisa Page. She showed every single one of these profiles. Every single word in this profile she exhibited and she will get decent police officers killed in the line of duty. She loves to insult, demean, demoralize, defame, intentionally mentally harass a woman they arrested for begging them to help her in saving her husbands life and they call this normal police work? Bullshit. When she gets someone killed I will be the first one to prove I am right. This one could very well have been trained but ISIS themselves. She is a despicable woman. Go ahead and call me on it. 

Then to get a pervert cop off by saying he was retired in 2003 when he was sitting in a room with me in 2015 interrogating me like I was responsible just to get a signature from a woma still in shock, still grieving, and deceitfully obtained a signature from me and Huma Rights thinks it was all fine and good. Liar.

The worst part of all of is that what they did they have never denied to this day. They just needed a false signature to release them from any liability or responsibility, but never denied they did what they did. They had a timeline and they abused me and the system to make sure that timeline passed before they could be found guilty of their crimes.

These are terrorists. I cannot imagine feeling any different if I was in a war zone, fearing for my life, the life of my family. Right here, in Canada, by white cops, and nobody has to take responsibility for it, and no one to look into the lies. I have the proof of the lies, and like a lawyer in this town told me from the beginning that no doubt the cops in this town need a rude awakening but I would find no one to help me. He was right. The fact that even some lawyers in this city are afraid to take them on because of the vengeance and revenge that they will have to endure if they do. Police who avenge wrongs done to them, fill you so full of bullets right on the public streets there will be nothing of you to be found but maybe an eyeball rolling down the middle of the street but we are to accept their abuse?

This little Chicago stuck on the far southeast corner, out of sight, out of mind city and its corruption has been ignored by the Alberta government since the beginning of time. It is time someone from the Alberta government took a look around, ask questions, auditing, editing, checking reports. they need to be investigated, deeply investigated.

Just because the cells have no audio, anything they say to you there, McGrogan ignores because he could not hear what was said. I heard what Lisa Page said and still to this day the trauma and the circumstances sgphes said her words I have not been able to repeat since. Yes she was that vile.

I think it is time ALL police stations in this country should have audio as well as video in every section of every corner that cops deal with prisoners including police holding cells to make sure liars like McGrogan can’t use “no audio” as an excuse to ignore the verbal mental abuse and verbal sexual harassment assault committed inside those walls.

These changes to spare others brought in to the Medicine Hat Police station from the terrorism I suffered at the hands of the Medicine Hat Police. And a man is dead because of it. A man so much a better person than the terrorists who swear to protect and serve when they pride themselves on the suffering they place upon people they decide don’t deserve respect because of their own judgements.

They are frauds, they killers of minds and souls, of good people who have tried to better themselves only to be taken down by absolute garbage cops. One dead dirty cop should not be a sad situation because one dead bad cop will save the lives of many good cops, especially in times like these. 

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